Saturday, August 05, 2006

Free advertising

Thanks to Back in 15 for giving my blog a plug.

I think I'll start a complementary list tracking the most inane and/or ludicrously ideological commentary; I'll call it voxideological.

My first award must go to Lindsay Mitchell. With a few weeks left in July can Lindsay add to her already impressive list of scandals and abuses? She's wacked welfarism, polaxed prisons, trashed teenage pregancy, dumped on the DPB, flayed father-less-families, stuck it to school exams but championed corporatising school lunches, monstered Maori gambling, beat back breast feeding zealots, attacked addicts for having families, and finally, slapped Sir Bob Geldof back into his box for daring to suggest government might increase their foreign aid.

Ena Sharples would be proud!

Recognising his generosity of spirit I nominate Back in 15 for the Ken Barlow Award.


Anonymous said...

Back in 15 showed up on a Clint Heine thread the other week criticizing the spelling and sentence structure of one of the posts....then he made a total dork of himself by making a huge grammatical error in one of his own comments. He's a nutter.

backin15 said...

Excellent, 27 girlfriends, including Joanna Lumley, and a bit of a lothario; if only.

Hey anon, fella/ess good to know you're keeping up.