Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Eighth time lucky

Here's another one doing more than her bit for our flagging fertility rate. Pregnant with her eighth, but without custody of the other seven, and on her way to jail. Hurry up with Sue Bradford's "breastfeeding behind bars" bill and with any luck she might manage to bond with this one.


Unknown said...

"but Lindsay this is just one extreme case"
"but children are a public good so she did nothing wrong"
etc etc.

She should have had her tubes tied after the 3rd (i'm even willing to have that paid out of the public purse).

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I was talking to a girl who had three by 23 and asked her doctor if she could get a tubal ligation. She was told she was too young and if she put her name on the list she would wait years.

Unknown said...

Surely it would be cheaper for the country to fund private doctors visits of these sorts to *everyone* who wanted them rather than to continue to fund the results of not having them?

Anonymous said...

The article doesn't say whether she was she on welfare. I wonder how many deranged woman like this, drug addicts or people who can't take care of themselves let alone a child, have more children when they get DPB.

If society wants to stop child abuse it should stop having such lax rules for receiving the DPB.