Friday, July 14, 2006

Legalize tinnie houses now!

People in Twizel are complaining to the council because houses are being built of unpainted corrugated iron and they are too shiny;

Shiny houses are out as far as the Twizel Community Board is concerned.

Board chairman Bruce White said at a recent community board meeting they had received complaints about the use of unpainted corrugated iron cladding on new houses.

He said people were complaining because of the reflection from the tin.

"People are getting headaches when they drive past."

The community board were not opposed to the use of corrugated iron but it needed to be painted he said.

Mackenzie District Council senior planner Hayley Shearer said there was a recommended colour palette in place for Twizel since 1994 but it was not a requirement.


Anonymous said...

For everybody's information the material in question is not "tin" nor even "galvanised iron", but is galvanised steel supplied to the Timaru rollformer in coil form, which is then corrugated or formed into a roof decking profile.
Incidentally in this unpainted form the roof will withstand many many Twizel winters without painting -- once painted the roof must be recoated about every 5 years thereafter to keep up its appearance.

Anonymous said...

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