Monday, July 10, 2006

Bye Bye Penny Lane

Never a huge Beatles fan, I still find Penny Lane one of their most evocative songs. Now a cloud is descending over the street after which this very famous song was named.

According to the DomPost Penny Lane faces being wiped from the map because of associations with the slave trade. "Councillors in Liverpool are considering plans to rename all streets named after people linked to slavery...Penny Lane is thought to be named after 18th century slave ship owner James Penny."

A UK correspondent to NewstalkZB added that councillors are considering renaming it after a young black teenager who was killed in a race incident in Liverpool. His name was Anthony Walker.

I don't really get it. Expunge one reminder of an unpleasant aspect of local history to replace it with another.


Brian Smaller said...

Don;t you love this revisionist history at work. The evil white men taking slaves frmo africa. They would have got about six guys who couldn;t run away if it were not for the vast network of African kings selling their enemies and their own people into slavery. Without African complicity it would never and could never have happened on the scale that it did.

Brian Smaller said...

I just thought of another historical incident of this type of thing. In 1814 when the Allied armies captured Paris after the first abdication of Napoleon, they wanted to destroy the Pont D'Austerlitz. Tsar Alexander said "no, it is enough that a Russian army marched over it."

andrewfalloon said...

Simple solution- just "rename" it after the Beatles song :)