Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The symbolism of steak

Victoria University senior psychology lecturer Marc Wilson, an omnivore, and PhD student Michael Allen, a vegetarian, say meat is symbolic.

"Why do people eat meat? Partly, it's a way of expressing dominance or masculinity . . . Really masculine men eat more meat," Dr Wilson said.

National Party supporters and men who saw the world in a hierarchical way tended to eat more meat than Labour Party supporters and women – who saw the world in a more interconnected, less structured way, the researchers found.

Perhaps there is also the small matter of the price of a piece of steak....


Anonymous said...

My God! We can't have realy masculine men. Ban meat immediately.

Rick said...

That's the point too.

The price makes meat a status symbol. Likewise cigars. It's all about status, all about being exclusive. It's all about conspicious consumption, utility comes a distant second.

Dr Wilson doesn't seem to be very origional to students of Institutional Economics. He is on to something.

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