Thursday, March 09, 2006


Only a few weeks ago drivers were barred from working on buses because they'd slept with their underage girlfriend many moons ago. Meanwhile we have a guy who killed his wife and kids by slitting their throats going into people's homes as a Census collector.

Area manager Judy Cartwright said Te Huia had been doing a great job and she was comfortable with him knocking on doors. "He's been suffering for what he did for 13 years. How long does he have to be crucified for?"

Asked if she intended to continue employing him, she replied: "Absolutely. I have no reason to take him off. There?s never been any discussion about that."

But last night Statistics New Zealand released a statement saying Te Huia had resigned that afternoon.

"It emerged today that the collector had failed to disclose information material to his employment," said Government statistician Brian Pink.

This Census operation has certainly already produced some very interesting revelations.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Judy Cartwright would be comfortable with Te Huia knocking on her front door. Methinks not very.

Anonymous said...

Slit a few throats did he? Nothing really serious like writing something deemed offensive. We have to draw the line somewhere.

Rick said...

Brilliant command of the pertinent statistics at hand there guys.

Brian Smaller said...

Judy Cartwright asks how long Te Huia should be crucified for.

Just once would have been enough for me.