Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A brief diversion from politics etc

In the process of beginning my entry for the bienniel National Portrait competition.

This one was my first entry back in 2000. It was rejected in favour of a second piece (you were allowed two submissions.) I was surprised and this remains one of my favourite paintings.

So far I've coated two pieces of canvas with burnt sienna so not much to show. But you can see from the following how the subject emerges from either an ochre or sienna backwash.

This is the same guy a few years on.


Anonymous said...

Not bad Lindsay, you have talent! The name "Goldie" springs to mind....;-)

I saw some of his paintings in the Auckland museum and they were like photos they were so good.I thought the same when I fist saw the pic in this post.

Xavier said...

Goldie was my great great uncle :) - but agree - a lovely piece of work. I have to say though...your model certainly has let himself go...