Friday, January 20, 2006

As pure as the driven snow

Reason.Com have awarded their daily brickbat to NY police;

Jessica Scherer, her boyfriend, and another friend decided to celebrate the arrival of winter by building a giant snow penis. She says people walking by laughed at it, and people driving by honked their horns. But the New Windsor, New York, police say they got complaints about it. So they beat it down with shovel while no one was at home, even though apparently there are no laws prohibiting giant snow penises. "We probably weren't 100 percent correct in going on the property and knocking it down. But our intentions were pure. Some people were offended," said New Windsor Town Supervisor George Meyers.


Anonymous said...

Well isn't the world just a safer place knowing the police are ever vigilant for crime.

Anonymous said...

This article started a 5 day debate on Free Talk Live. Check out the podcasts for an entertaining round of some of the philiolsophical issues that this seemingly meaningly act triggered for a liberaterian talk show.