Sunday, January 15, 2006

And the good news is....

One way of concocting good news about New Zealand is to compare it a country where things are worse. The Scotsman quotes Murdo Fraser (isn't that a great name) Deputy Leader of the Conservatives saying today;

"The biggest growth industry in Scotland is in government.

No-one minds more policemen, teachers and nurses, but too many of these [other] jobs are non-productive. How is it that we have had a 12 per cent increase in Scottish government staff since 1999 and a 40 per cent rise in the number of full-time staff employed by quangos? The reason is that the Labour/Lib Dem Executive wants to centralise, regulate and control every aspect of our lives."

And he added: "Over 50 per cent of GDP is now spent by the state. The Executive keeps on telling us that economic growth is its top priority, but what it fails to understand is that the staggering growth in the public sector over which it has presided is stifling the ability of private business to generate wealth."

So we should count our blessings. Our government spends only 39 percent of GDP.

On the other hand, the trend is an upward one and doesn't Scotland sound depressingly familiar?

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Michael said...

An example of the Scottish Government's great efficency would have to be it's own Parliament.

Building started in 2000, was supposed to take 6 months and cost GBP40 million.

It isn't finished, and cost so far is GBP400 million.