Sunday, February 26, 2012

Who is Damien Grant?

A Herald on Sunday column after my own heart (although I have commented with a partial defence of the subject used to highlight his point). But who is Damien Grant?

The top 2 per cent of taxpayers, 58,000 of them, pay 17 per cent of the tax total. An average of $65,000 each, and that doesn't include what they pay in GST or company tax.
And when these citizen-heroes open their newspapers on a weekend they read that, despite paying vastly more than their fair shares of taxes and their money going to feed a bottomless welfare pit, we are facing rising levels of inequality and declining competitiveness.

Update. By pure coincidence, now I have googled him, I see Cactus Kate wrote a blogpost in 2006 with exactly the same title, "Who is Damien Grant?"


Allan said...

I agree with Damien Grants comments. It is interesting to note the comments from a lot of the correspondents replying to his column. Needless to say it would seem that those that disagree the most are the users of the system rather than those who are the payers and have the money stolen from them by the Govt. I am one of those who has exhorbitant amounts of money stolen each fortnight in the name of equality and fairness however get very angry when I see this money wasted on useless, indolent people. If it actually made a difference I might think that it was worthwhile however it seems that the more money you throw at these people the worse the situation gets.

Mark Hubbard said...

Damien is a liquidator, of all things, Lindsay.

He posts a lot at 'my home', courtesy of Lindsay Perigo - SOLO: I like him, though he's not a libertarian quite yet:) (That's Damien, by the way, not Lindsay).