Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Scientists call 'climate frenzy' a diversion

Since the release of the Stern Report this is the first account I have seen (though I haven't exactly been looking very hard) in the NZ media describing a different viewpoint. Glad to see Tim Barnett has taken an interest. He is one Labour MP I have time for based on personal experience.


barry said...

The Climate Science Coalition has a website: www.climatescience.org.nz

Gerrit van der Lingen and I supported each other in letters to the "Press" over the [then] proposed Kyoto Protocol about 5 years ago, in opposition to the vocal Green lobby of liars who were strong on the global warming myth.

PC has a very good summary of the dire predictions of doom merchants as far back as the Club of Rome.

Incidentally now that oil price on the international market has fallen by 25% since July, we don't hear the "peak oil" mantra from the lunatic fringe, do we?

Anonymous said...

Barnett is a far more decent individual than his party allows. He would be better without them. I think he has the potential of being a real liberal but Labour won't allow it. In Labour MPs were of his caliber I could see myself voting Labour -- not likely to happen though not with Helen in charge.