Sunday, March 05, 2006

Rachealle Namana

I knew Namana was out. I'd looked her up on Garth McVicar's database some time ago. What happened to Lillybing changed my life because I reached the point when I no longer wanted to pay for people to live dissolute, destructive and deviant lifestyles and make the lives of children in their care utter misery. Somehow it made me complicit.

Let's not forget what happened (the italicised passages are the words of Pamela Stirling writing for the Listener in 2001).

One depositions witness said Lillybing had arrived at the kohanga reo that day with "shit running down her legs", bare feet "pinky purple" with cold and a snotty face. Other children teased Lilly bing because she smelt. The witness said she retched when she tried to change Lillybing's nappy.

Lillybing was not much more than a baby. A small 23 month-old constantly left in the care of her Aunty, Rachealle Namana, who had four children of her own. Namana resented being put upon. She was called on to breastfeed Lillybing when the biological mother was unable. Lillybing would be left with Namana, without nappies, which is why the toilet-training episode apparently occurred.

There was evidence that Namana hit Lillybing each time she fell from a little wooden platform in front of the adult-sized toilet during a toilet training session that started at around 8pm. It was after 11pm, said the thirteen year-old withness, crying through much of her evidence, that she found Lillybing alone on the toilet, clinging with her arms and legs 'to stop her falling in'.

But Namana was defrauding WINZ. "My sister left for Australia and I kept the benefit."

By Namana's own account she was getting an extra $400 a fortnight. Namana chainsmokes and there is money for alcohol. Namana claims only to go to the pub at lunchtime to put a $2 bet on the TAB, but at the Royal Oak her unborn child was known as "Jack"; short for Jack Daniels. Ask her about drinking during pregnancy and she says she only discovered she was pregnant at seven months. 'I was on the injection; it saves money on tampons.'

There was money for drugs and there was money for band equipment. The partner had a band called FUBAR, which stands for Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition. The first word Lillybing said most clearly was "f...".

On the day Lillybing died there was a birthday celebration for Namana and Hemopo's 8 year-old. Her present? A Sky cartoon channel subscription.

But Lillybing is the child who a health worker described in depositions as a 'woebegone little thing' and looking as though she 'never had enough cuddles'.

She fell over all the time. A bruise on her forehead was mistreated with a boiling cloth. Vaginal injuries and bleeding were ignored. At some stage on the day of her death Namana shook her violently causing a major cerebral injury. The Crown says she had also suffered some severe abdominal bruises at about the same time.

When Lillybing lay dead on the couch Namana had driven to her stepmother's house looking for a driver so she could "get on the piss".

Nothing has changed.

Hinewaoriki Rerenoa Merekara Karaitiana - Matiaha 7 Aug 1998 - 23rd July 2000


Oswald Bastable said...

I will repeat the comments on my blog.

This worthless POS needs to be hung by the neck until she is dead.

Anonymous said...

This does make DBP's issue look like tea and scones on a summer's afternoon. I'm sick in the stomach.

Anonymous said...

And government rewards such people for having children by given them extra money because of it. That guarantees that people like this end up with more children.

Blue Tune said...

I wanted to leave a comment, then couldn't think of anything to say. I just cannot even imagine how anyone could NOT care for a child to best of their abilities. I guess that shows how lucky I have been.

Mark Lloyd said...

truely sickening to hear of such a sad life for a little girl. it makes my stomach churn to see such behaviour and to think that some humans (if you can call them that) are OK with it. FAR OUT!!!

Gary said...

I really wonder about the crims today. At least the crims of old would have dealt to such a child-abuser as this when she was in prison.

Even if NZ had the death sentence, this POS wouldn't qualify, because she was only convicted of manslaughter. Bloody travesty!

I guess the best we can hope for is that Namana doesn't stuff up anyone else's life before her inevitable premature death. What a waste of space...

Lindsay said...

Gary said,"I guess the best we can hope for is that Namana doesn't stuff up anyone else's life before her inevitable premature death."

Unfortunately, Gary, she will almost certainly have another child. It's part and parcel of the lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

this is sick, makes me sad and angry that people can treat children like this.:(

billie rogue said...

i did some time with rachelle namana. it made me sick when i saw the screws of arohata prison respect her and show her lee way with the small things. shes black with a flat nose and a very ugly aura. she was poor and had no hook ups and when i saw a photo of her children they were ape looking. hence to y such a cute little in her care was taken. pure jealousy plus no soul. die painfully rachel patricia namana. this is billie rogue aka emma kiu

Anonymous said...

Billie Rogue . dont you say that shxt about me and my brothers and sisters , you dont fucking know us we had nothing to fucking do with that shxt we were only young still in kohanga , you dont fucking knw me and my siblings so dont fucking judge me and siblings and knw we do not look like fucking apes ! so dont bring me and my siblings into ths bullfucking shxt you fucking hater !

Anonymous said...

i have to mention.the mother. she is a piece of shit. she fed her child to the wolves. makes me sick dumping ur kid with no nappies for days on end. rest in peace baby girl arohamai

Anonymous said...

It hurts me to know this is so close to home i honestly hve no respect for these mum wondered y i took my son and daughter and walkd outr their fuk wer thy gna th chance to meet us...i burried my aunty nt too far frm wea lily bing rests and its heart renching to find out this lil one is whanau.times get hard buh so hard u hve to rape pillage neglect and murder??? HV ANUVA BOTTLE OF VIOLENCE U SIK for the authorities shame on u aswell, Rachealle hd told use wat was gng on kohanga knew the neglect this bby gal suffered....yet you let her go hme wth these drunk pothead prbly p freak animals??? Weas the safety for tht child...everybdy wants to name,shame and blame well wen in fact everybdy tht failed to tke tht bby gal away frm these ppl r all to blame. XXX R.I.P XXX

Anonymous said...

I agree this is not ur fault and u shudnt have to deal wth this how hard on u to lose a sibling this way Kia kaha kia maia kia manawanui.