Saturday, December 04, 2021

Today's protest in Newmarket

Today's protest in Newmarket was described as "anti-vaxx" by Radio New Zealand.

On NewstalkZB the same protest was called "anti-mandate".

There is a world of difference.

I wouldn't join the first but I'd eagerly join the second.

Note which news outlet is paid by the state.


pdm said...

I have no problem in them protesting and if it is anti-mandate like you I support them

However, it is disappointing that they chose to invade pitches and disrupt kids cricket. They let themselves down and should be better than than that.

Mark Wahlberg said...

At the bank in Palmerston North yesterday (Friday) lunchtime I could hear a commotion on the street outside the building. Peering through the window I saw a crowd of maybe 20 people standing on the street corner waving banners and chanting assorted slogans which I couldn't interpret thanks to the benefit of double glazing. I was informed they were the local stalwarts of anti everything.
My first impression suggested not too many had taken the morning off work to attend the festivities.

The only other protest in Palmy yesterday is regularly held every Friday by a couple of aging hippies outside the council building. Surrounded by banners and signs Their protest centres on saving the planet in the interests of global humanity and banning the use of all fossil fuels.
When I'm in town I always drive past these intrepid campaigners and give them an encouraging wave and toot on the horn along with a couple of loud revs from my supercharged V8. They once shouted they would pray for me.

Palmerston North Council has spent many thousands of ratepayer dollars on fatcat consultants who have come up with a catchy new image for the city. Its official, the city is now known as "PALMY". How cool is that??

Rick said...

Funny line being walked between admitting there was a large protest and brushing it off as a minority.

New Shub might have been the best of the lot. Part of their story had their reporter fleeing down a street with his fluffy mic from some benign cyclist off in the distance! Apparently he was being hunted.

Brendan McNeill said...

I was at Saturday's protest followed by a street march in Christchurch. Actually there were three generations of McNeill's present, I'm pleased to say. Stuff said there were hundreds of people there, I would have said conservatively 2,000 although one of my adult sons thought there was considerably more than that.

It was an eclectic crowd, everything from Nun's to skin heads, families through young people, retired and not so retiring, and people from a broad range of ethnicities. Talking with people there, the motives were varied, but mandates were the primary issue. One of my son's had a friend there who was double vaccinated, but completely opposed to mandates.

How long before our Government emulates Austria and provides a date when everyone has to be vaccinated?