Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Brand new episode in 'Govt War on Family Violence' launches today

The elimination of family and sexual violence. Expect a big announcement today about how government is going to achieve its elimination within a generation!

That's amazing.

In 1985 - forty six years ago - the Family Violence Prevention Coordinating Committe was created. More funding for services, far more inter-agency action required. Problem persists.

Move on another eleven years to 1996.  The next holy grail is a brand new Government Statement of Policy on Family Violence. Greater early intervention and support to the at-risk.

Still no joy.

In 2005 a Taskforce for Action on Violence within Families was established which carried the 'it's not OK' message.

It's still not OK but it still proliferates.

So today government will roll out another grand plan. A  " 'whole of government plan' for a $2 billion-a-year sector."

Launch to be held at Te Papa this morning. How exciting. I wonder if there's a red carpet?

Expect the next in the series of  'Govt War on Family Violence' to be ready around 2030.


Brendan McNeill said...

Maybe there are some problems that Governments cannot fix?

Lindsay Mitchell said...

If you think the answer is 'yes' I agree. But they can make them worse.

Mark Wahlberg said...

Lindsay, whatever good people may want to think about the sincerity behind successive "Governments War on Family Violence," the reality is, for forty years its been a nice little earner for those with a ticket to ride on the gravy train of guilt. Its business as usual, but because of poor track maintenance and regular derailments, the train may be late arriving.

Todays news in the Herald tells us "The number of public servants earning more than $400,000 annually has almost doubled in the last year". To justify a salary of that magnitude I imagine someone would need to have a swam of worker bees beneath them to justify their existence. Quango's here, quango's, there, quango's everywhere.

If someone  actually did manage to solve the problem of Mum and the kids getting the bash, a lot of apparatchiks would be out of a job and faced with finding a new crusade to bring peace and harmony to the country.

No point looking to solve poverty, or feed the hungry, they've  been taken.  Same for housing the homeless. All the good ones have gone. Water water flowing everywhere would have been  nice, but I suspect many would fail  the litmus test needed to book passage on that ship. (Titanic 3 the final solution)  Thankfully they are all self-perpetuating  so no fear of redundancies there. 

Well, I cant get sidetracked by the small stuff, I've got a place in the food chain of my life to consider and  Sausage rolls to take out of the oven.  Having found the solution to feeding my own hunger , I'm faced with the dilemma of  tomato relish or chow chow chutney? Decisions decisions . I wonder what the local food bank has to offer??

Anonymous said...

Going on this govts nuclear moment revelations and continual incitement of community driven policing, I'm just going to take that announcement as a War on family.