Friday, March 12, 2021

Piers Morgan

I don't know much about this guy Piers Morgan. His face is recognisable from a British talent show I watched for maybe a season? I live in New Zealand and don't follow social media  - or barely - so am unfamiliar with his views.

Verity Johnson's column Stop shouting, Piers Morgan, we're not listening in today's DomPost presented the perfect opportunity to hear them.

She begins, "...he’s basically just been that drunk dude outside a pub who yells at you when you walk past."

Then , "...he constantly, publicly, screams at successful, opinionated young women like Meghan Markle, Greta Thunberg and Ariana Grande..."

No example of what he screams at them though.

Regarding Meghan Markle, "She continued to ignore him, causing ever more acidic outbursts, to the point where, on Monday, he trashed her mental health confessions (subsequently crossing a line that made even Meghan’s detractors draw in their breath sharply)."

I didn't watch the Oprah interview. What did Meghan say and what did Piers subsequently say?

Again no dialogue forthcoming.

Historically Piers' offensive statements have apparently been made "so openly and for so long" they are "part of the script that we as young women always struggled with."

I scrutinise Johnson's own script but still no examples.

She continues, "No-one stopped his ranting on Monday. And it took a calling out by his weatherman on Tuesday, the devastatingly rational Alex Beresford, for him to shut up and flounce off."

Rational! I love rational. At least we are going to hear what the rational weatherman had to say... 

No such hope.

"A good 40 per cent of social media is predicated on the formula of angry man rants about something a woman has said and gets increasingly annoyed when she ignores his @s and invitations to “enter into a rational debate”. I’ve had it myself when male broadcasters have loathed columns I’ve written, repeatedly trash talked me on air, and been infuriated when I consistently won’t engage with them to “defend my position”.But why would we? We know the difference between rational debate and a drunk outside a pub."

Verity might yet grow up to be a Prime Minister who declares that Mike Hosking is the 'drunk outside the pub' simply because she preferred not to debate the ideas.

Whatever happened to the fearlessness of feminism?


oneblokesview said...

Its a Stuff Article.....What do you expect? :-)
Maintain your mental health...Dont read the drivel that stuff puts out...

adamsmith1922 said...

One might ask who is Verity Johnson and why does she have a column at Stuff?

Mark Wahlberg said...

International Reality Media Entertainment Inc. (Soap Opera for short)

Meanwhile in the "Land Of The Long White Cloud" the only "Race' issue causing concern is being played out on the glistening waters of the Hauraki Gulf.

But for those seeking some grubby home grown distraction we have the Joseph Parker Saga and will it prove a hit with viewers? Perhaps the delicious tale of sordid sex, bribery and Gold Coast rendezvous being played out inside an Auckland courthouse will win the day?

Closer to home, my falling dreams have returned and the Banana cake needs rescuing from the oven.

What happened to the simple life I dreamed of?

Rick said...

Feels over Reals.

We're in an era of Personality Culture so the coin in use are emotions, especially offence.

Who needs an argument? A lab coat, a machine that goes 'ping', qualification certificate...all proxy for thinking.

Who needs an argument? Scientist make the vaccine and scientists build airplanes so...bow to their priestly wisdom:

Thinking will re-emerge one day as a rebellious reaction to the Millennial Feels hegemony. Not until the late 2020s I'm afraid.

pdm said...

Adam Smith nailed it.

Kiwi Dave said...

Oh dear, Lindsay. She’s given you feelz but you want evidence. Decolonize yourself. And, as your own quotation of her shows, she did include a figure, 40%, which doubtless comes from a lengthy, peer-reviewed statistical analysis of social media.

Kiwiwit said...

Megyn Kelly gives a pretty fair account of why Piers Morgan resigned in this podcast:

Hilary Taylor said...

What a prat that newsreader bloke was...dissing a 'woman of colour' Piers, how dare dare you focus on substance over style, how dare you refuse to kowtow, how dare you fail to be glib & mostly how dare you not genuflect to this priestess of high woke & her fawning enablers. Almost as big a prat as Harry, really...

Johno said...

I think it is funny that Verity thinks that Piers is "yelling at" her and her ilk.

Reminds me of: