Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Have you made up your mind re cannabis vote?

 A Horizon poll says the decision is split 49.5% vs 49.5%.

I am somewhat ashamed to say I am still vacillating.

The age group I fall in exactly reflects the 50/50 split.

One prediction I will make is if traditional voting behaviour holds up, it won't pass. 

BTW the reporter was incorrect in describing ACT's view. ACT does not have a position supporting the change.


Mark Wahlberg said...

Lindsay, if I were to vote, I suspect I would vote no.
I was a long time user of the herb and I grew it, smoked it, ate it, drank it and made potions and lotions which i smeared over my body. In the end it was just a habit like smoking tobacco and I gave them both up when I meet Tigerlil. Haven't smoked anything for 20 years, other than the tyres on my truck.
In the end I wasted long hours listening to music i didn't like, staring at wallpaper which should have been illegal and getting fat from too many hash cookies.
I saw friends murdered and the health of others destroyed because of it.
I dont know how I survived, but I did and dont regret the journey. But that was then and this is now. Watching the world around me and the mayhem and chaos which has become the norm, I cant see any good coming from making the stuff legal.
Crime won't go away, it will find new ways to express itself and will survive to service new generations of people wanting to live on the darkside.
My experiences and opinions are mine and I have no interest in influencing others.

pdm said...

It is a definite NO from me and from mrspdm - ages 74 and 69.

Sam said...

In the 25-34 range, I'm voting no.

Brendan McNeill said...

That's a no from me as well Lindsay.

Used to smoke dope in the early '70's but gave it up following my encounter with Jesus. No regrets! That to one side, I simply don't find the 'pro' arguments compelling, and the unintended consequences will be real enough. No drug is benign, despite the claims of the advocates.

I have a chocolate fish bet with one of my sons who thinks it will pass. I'm hoping it's the easiest chocolate fish I have ever won.

david said...

Count me as a yes. I don't presume to know better than other people. If you think other people need to be protected from themselves, where do you stop? The coroner wants to restrict the sale of paracetamol.