Monday, August 31, 2020

The downsides of technology

Had a collosal melt-down today losing access to my artist blog. For some reason the address it was linked to has disapeared (it was a Windowslive address) so I can't get into it. The blog will stay there 'forever' as I can also never delete it. So I've had to start up a new one linked to yet another email address, Lindsay Mitchell Artwork, for updates. To establish it I've put up some paintings not at the artist site. A very frustrating day also occupied by hand altering artist business cards after Clear decided they would no longer offer email services. Who can afford to throw away hundreds of cards?

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Mark Wahlberg said...

Lindsay, commiserations with your war with technology. I've been battling Google with my home made site and some days it works and some days it don't. But to be fair, I am a luddite and any success I have is down to luck rather than planning.

The upside is we get to see your stunning portraits anew. Beautiful iconic New Zealand imagery helps define who we are in this screwed up world.

Hinemoa is much admired by all who meet her, as is your talent..