Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Exceptional turn out for ACT's Wellington launch

I've been around ACT for a long time. If anything convinces me the momentum building in the polls is real, the turn-out at the Wellington launch last night did. It was also an unusually young crowd for ACT. I talked to a young women who'd driven down from Wanganui with her partner who hadn't even been born when I first took an interest in the party. 

The highlight for me was 27 year-old Brooke van Velden. I'd never met her or heard her speak and she impressed me immensely. Quietly spoken, just the right measure of emotion, compelling content and an easy presence, she strikes me as a safe pair of hands. And David Seymour has come a long way from the youth wing of ACT. He's an accomplished, quick and entertaining speaker handling audience questions with candour and good humour.

Just a brief report as I can find no other in the media although I believe some journalists were in attendance.


gravedodger said...

That gives cause for hope Lindsay, thank you.

TimS said...

I reckon there were 180-200 in the audience - wonderful! Very impressive speeches from Simon Court (#5) re environment policy ("Innovation, not Regulation"); from the exceptional Deputy Leader Brooke van Velden especially on Mental Health & Addiction - and of course from David Seymour, who was on fire in a very congenial way! He noted ACT is now widely seen as providing "consistent, constructive contribution" to public policy development, referencing the EoLC Act, defence of Free Speech and his principled insistence on proper legislative process (not the unnecessarily hasty laws under urgency, thus avoiding select Cttee consideration). He also said ACT would sit on the cross-benches, providing confidence & supply to a National Govt but not as a coalition partner so they could maintain policy independence, although they would expect full consultation on all policies of interest to ACT. They'd happily forgo the baubles of Ministerial office! BTW, You Tube has video clips of these speakers at the recent Auckland launch. All great stuff!!

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Thanks Tim. Another observation I'd make is there was audible agreement in the audience whenever the subject of free speech vs hate speech legislation arose. It matters to people.