Thursday, August 13, 2020

Covid-Plan B

 The formation of Covid - Plan B has only just come to my attention:

"Epidemiologist Simon Thornley says the new virus outbreaks and lockdown responses are proof that New Zealand must, as the WHO has recently said, learn to live with the virus."

More from the press release

And more about the group

Great to see an alternative view to 'elimination' expressed.

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John Hurley said...

My wife is Japanese. She said that Japanese thought JA was great beating the virus. Now they are saying that you can't just keep locking the economy down.

I see that Sweden's death rates are down to normal and they are thinking T cells may give people immunity. They are also saying though that it could be like polio and not a flu but more serious. Apparently polio came back from the dead. Either way it is future generations that nature is concerned about.