Friday, August 14, 2020

An ugly fantasy promulgated by a supremely patronising PM

The kind one is so very unkind when she relishes people hanging on to hear what is going to happen to their lives, their families, jobs and businesses, but blathers on endlessly. It's so disrespectful, so self-centered and self-serving.

No Prime Minister has ever behaved so autocratically and patronisingly.

We cannot eliminate this virus, and to keep on telling the gullible we can is fantasy, ugly fantasy.


homepaddock said...

I said I wouldn’t get Ardern derangement syndrome like those on the left had Key derangement syndrome, but every time she does this it gets harder and harder to resist it.

pdm said...

Ardern is making Muldoon seem kind and compassionate.

Oi said...

Hells Bells PDM, I nearly choked on my coffee there!