Saturday, August 01, 2020

A changing picture

JS-WR = Job Seeker Work Ready


Rick said...

Let's do put the nation on Welfare in order for the cause of death of some of our oldest citizens to be something similar to, but technically not, COVID-19.

Rick said...

Well, thank goodness for the Labour 6.0 Wage Subsidy Scheme and Extention.

Without some smoke and mirrors re-naming like that the numbers shown in this graph would look even worse!

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Yes, it is frustrating to hear people almost gloating over the unemployment in the US (esp Trump haters) when they are the only English-speaking country out of the UK, Canada, Australia and NZ that didn't introduce wage subsidies. And it is also frustrating that we go into an election here with an economy being kept artificially afloat.