Friday, July 31, 2020

Children not a meal ticket


Mark Wahlberg said...

Lindsay, I take your point, but its election year and politicians of all persuasions are selling meal tickets to suit every pocket.

Pahiatua was Holyoake country. Living here I always considered the place to be moderately affluent. The district is abuzz with activity. Factories and farms of all descriptions are poring out product, The traffic passing my front door every day tells me business is on the move and there appears to be no let up to the volume of trucks carry raw logs and processed timber, milk tankers, heavy machinery big and small is on the move and like the bees, thousands of Hives are going in every direction.

But a recent story in the Manawatu Standard tells the story of a modest Palmerston North charity which is running on empty as it struggles to keep supplying free school lunches to meet the increasing demands of hungry children.
Pahiatua schools are on their delivery route.

Because I don't like crowds, Pahiatua on benefit day is a place I avoid when ever possible. So I guess I should add Welfare to the list of businesses I mentioned which drive Pahiatua's prosperity.

Brendan McNeill said...

Lindsay, it's more sinister that 'children being a meal ticket'. It is politicians who have access to the statistics, who understand the consequences for these children, yet willingly sacrifice them for personal political advantage.