Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Simpson Report overwhelmingly biased

Simpson's Health and Disability Review has just been released. I've only considered the executive summary. Because it immediately reeks of racial preoccupation  I searched the following descriptors.

The word 'European' appears once; 'Asian' appears 2 times, 'Pacific' 9 times and 'Maori' 145 times.

And here are just two quotes to give you a flavour of the recommendations:

"A new crown entity, Health NZ, should be established to lead delivery of health and disability services across the country. A Charter for Health NZ would be developed that sets out shared values and aims to guide the health workforce culture and behaviours.
Health NZ should be governed by a board of eight members and a Chair, with 50:50 Crown-Māori representation, with board membership drawn from DHB board members in each of the regions."

"Each locality should have an indicative budget based on the age, ethnicity, and socioeconomic deprivation of its population, which is transparent to the public. This would ensure services address local needs."


oneblokesview said...

Pay attention Lindsay.
What did you expect?

The wokes are intent on creating racial divide in NZ.

Forget article 3 in the treaty. (all haveing the same rights)
Forget Jacindas emotive outburst after the ChCh Massacre(we are one)

The woke civil servants and those with snouts in the trough(such as authours of this report)
Will want to destroy New Zealand society being an equal opportunity and treatment one to that of a racial divided one.

We are doomed I tell you, we are doomed(Dads Army)

Max Ritchie said...

And as well as 50/50 on the board Maori are to have their own authority? Double dipping racism. Among my grandchildren are two well off Maori and two disadvantaged (father absconded) Europeans. The former have health insurance and well paid jobs, the latter depend on the public system and are on relatively low pay. How on earth can this racial divide in a health system be justified?