Saturday, July 21, 2018

Poor Prime Minister

I used to think that feminists had a beef with men making the world a tougher place for them to exist in. Now I believe that it is feminists themselves making the world a tougher place for women.

There are boundless contradictions and inconsistencies bandied about. Today's NZ Herald publishes a prime example. Another face of feminism that believes babies need their mothers! That baby's needs should be elevated above those of its natural first carer - not the father by the way.

This one is guilt-tripping the PM big time. With feminist friends like these who needs enemies?

The reaction to this demand from an Australian that the New Zealand Prime Minister should shrink and shirk her political role will be vitriolic. It'll be frighteningly, ferociously ....feminist.

After all the proud celebration of a woman combining motherhood with the most powerful position in the country along comes this treacherous traitor to prick Jacinda's bubble with a loud bang. At exactly the moment when she might be feeling uncertain. How hellish hard will it be to relinquish constant contact and cuddles after 6 intense weeks? I wouldn't hand over my 12 week-old pup to ANYONE.

What we are seeing is yet another inevitable failure of collectivism. If the group is more important than the individual, then the group rules the roost. But just who makes those rules?

Feminism has descended into a cauldron of cattiness; of nasty factionalism. It doesn't empower. It  scrutinises and judges groups within groups. Like extreme left or right politics, the creed is hardest on those most like it - those who should know better but fail. Like our poor PM.

Feminism is eating itself.

Good riddance.


homepaddock said...

So true. Feminism has helped women be more like men and in doing so has devalued traditional women!s roles, including mothering.

Mark Wahlberg said...

Is it my imagination, or are physical sports played by women, such as rugby union, league, cricket etc. being dominated by gay ladies?
Or is it just media attention highlighting the sexual connotations which play to the testosterone fueled male fantasies?
Participation in sport should be a good thing, but like politics, the group becomes subservient to the power of those who dominate it. Change takes place and individuals get swamped by the mass, though most hang on in the hope things will work out for the good in the end.
But regardless, the law of unintended consequences and female participation in sport in general see woman being used as advertising to sell a male dominated product. I dont think that was the intention.
Or perhaps I'm missing the obvious and the messages are subliminally geared to the female of the species promoting the benefits of gay participation in sport.
Life sure is getting complicated and has accelerated exponentially since the day I got seriously growled at for opening a door for a lady.

Barry Burke said...

Three things screwed the world in the 1970's and 80's.
1. Globalization - which allowed the multinationals to export jobs from western countries to places like china and India etc.
2. Rogernomics - which had some good aspects but lots of bad ones - like "the market will solve any problems". Thats why we now dont have decent apprenticeship programmes. The idea that "trickle down" was good - what rubbish. Its more like trickle up.
3. Feminism. This had several negative results. Its caused wages to drop - when all those feminists decided they wanted paid jobs, the law of economics came into effect. Too many people looking for jobs means the price (of labour) drops. When there is too much of anything - the cost drops.
And the other very bad effect was that when the feminists said "we dont need men" the effect was to release men from their family responsibilities - and ever since the number of solo parents has climbed and climbed.

Anonymous said...

If I was lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to be Ardern, I would quit the gilded lilly role of PM and give my first born, and possibly, only child, my all. A few years as PM, or the most important early years with your precious baby? An absolute no brainer...but she won't quit, Labour will not allow it,that is, the hardcore feminists that control the party. Ardern is all they have.

Unknown said...

The PM is a marxist feminist. She agreed with her "woman's" minister when she made her sexist ageist racist comment about old white men retiring from boards. She will push identity politics all the way. The fact there is a womans minister is sexist. The gender pay gap is an example of the just how stupid the sheeple are. Its a simple calculation average wage for men v average wage for women. Any suggestion of other factors is claimed to be sexism. Poor PM? lol she has everything on track to get us to third world.