Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A view from Rick's place

I've always had a lot of time for young Rick Giles. Involved first with the Libertarianz and then ACT on Campus, he's quirky, mercurial and acutely intelligent. This video about baby boomers and parenting is challenging but also manages to be very humorous.

I have advised he check his own collectivism (after railing against it during the commentary) regarding labeling an entire generation. 

Rick's place


Rick said...

Thanks for sharing and for being one of the Boomers who didn't drink the Their Raro.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I used to eat it. In the powder form. Straight out of the packet. Very bad for me.

Rick said...

Called it!

(by that I was trying to do a Kiwi translit of 'drink the Cool Aid' in case that was vague)

Don W said...

I am a boomer and a lot of what Rick says makes sense when I look back. I wouldn't like to be young now with so much of our lives ruled by political correctness with all of the bulldust that goes with it.And where did the political correctness come from.? I think it stared with the hippy generation who when young, it was all about free love sex drugs alcohol and rock and roll no responsibility.Yet when older many of the same people became very serious and straight laced just like their old fashioned parents.They liked being free when young but expected their kids to grow up to be perfect successful disciplined moral upstanding people that they could be proud of. Many did not consider that their kids should grow up being free to live their own lives and follow their own hopes and dreams.