Sunday, May 27, 2018

Ireland's abortion vote

The result of Ireland's abortion vote is the right one. I'd have voted with the majority.

But I feel very sad too. Ideally, any smidgen of life should be able to fight its way to fruition. A pregnant mum should want to safeguard her unborn baby, to give it life, even against odds. As an older mum I knew the three month test could show I was carrying a child that was 'imperfect'. I had already resolved to continue should that be the case.

But that's just my situation. My values (not to mention fortunate circumstances and lack of privation) produce a personal decision that cannot be imposed by law on every other female.


Kiwiwit said...

You are right. Abortion is never a good thing but the alternative is the enslavement of women.

Anonymous said...

Sad for the babies that won't be allowed to live, sad for Ireland, sad for life. 'A woman's right' should not trump the unborns right to live. So vulnerable.

Berend de Boer said...

There is no one who will judge a person how they treated the unwanted?

Anonymous said...

When does a baby become a baby? The moment it's born? the day before? The day before that? The week before that? A month before that? Three months before that? When is it OK to kill a baby?