Monday, May 28, 2018

About as Left as it could be

Labour has announced the make-up of the welfare review panel:

The members:

Professor Cindy Kiro (chairwoman) - responsible for Māori/indigenous education in the Faculty of Education at the University of Auckland

Professor Innes Asher – paediatrician and health spokeswoman for the Child Poverty Action Group

Kay Brereton – Welfare advocate and co-convenor of the National Beneficiary Advocates Consultative Group

Dr Huhana Hickey - Member of the NZ Human Rights Review Tribunal and chairwoman of the Auckland Council Disability Strategic Advisory Panel

Professor Tracey McIntosh - head of department for Sociology at the University of Auckland

Dr Ganesh Nana - Chief economist at BERL

Phil O'Reilly – Former chief executive of BusinessNZ and current managing director at Iron Duke Partners

Robert Reid – President of First Union

Trevor McGlinchey - Executive officer of New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services

Latayvia Tualasea Tautai - Young Pacific leader from Auckland and university student

Charles Waldegrave - Founder of the Family Centre Social Policy Research Unit 1991 and co-lead of the New Zealand Poverty Measurement Project

I've been around the welfare 'industry' a long time and can tell you that, with the exception of Phil O'Reilly, and possibly Latayvia Tualasea Tautai, whose name is new to me, this is a strongly politically left group. Each will believe that greater wealth redistribution is the answer to 'inclusivity'; that the haves must be forced to support the have-nots regardless of what that does to the motivation and spirit of the have-nots and their children. That the main problem with benefits is lack of generosity, too many conditions and too many obligations. I am certain each of these panelists would proudly describe themselves as socialists. It is also assured that this group will tell the Minister exactly what she wants to hear.

The best outcome for NZ, including beneficiaries, would be Labour losing the next election and this group's brief to backwards-pedal going absolutely nowhere.

(What to expect.)

Update: Over at Kiwiblog this regarding Latayvia Tualasea Tautai


Mark Hubbard said...

This coalition has shaped up way worse than I thought.

Mark Hubbard said...

Another point. Grant Robertson will use his idiotic Wellbeing Budget - which will cost tens of thousands in labour-hours itself to produce each year - to reinforce the redistribution to be demanded by this welfare panel, because we now have communism, effectively, being built into our very government accounting.

We get to Venezuelan styled collapse quite quickly this way I suspect. Over two electoral terms the destruction will be totally programmed in. After three terms it will be impossible to reverse the inevitable economic collapse.

Don W said...

There could well be are large number of unemployed ex dairy farmers lining up for benefits after their herds are exterminated.

Will said...

The second year university student has already been confirmed as a Labour Party activist, if you have Facebook, search her. Poor Phil!

Anonymous said...

This from a poster on Kiwiblog about the student:

"Check out Latayvia Tualasea Tauta’s Facebook page.

Hardcore Labour Party activist- There are pictures of her with Sepuloni, Ardern and Helen Clark.
Sepuloni comments on a lot of her personal stuff- They appear to be great personal friends".

Anonymous said...

In my books, they lost the recent election! MMP saved them, but not the mandate of the voters. Kiro is a nightmare, cringe.