Thursday, May 11, 2017

Just another manifestation of the war on drugs

Why can't the government 1/ understand the ramifications of the war on drugs, and 2/ extrapolate them to the war on tobacco?

Simple behavioural and economic rules apply.


Kiwiwit said...

I never thought I would see the day when a Government minister says New Zealanders should stop engaging in a perfectly legal activity "if they feel too threatened" rather than take seriously violent robbery. Nicky Wagner is a disgrace.

Mark Wahlberg said...

I started smoking marijuana back in the 60's when it was the cool thing to do when making anti social statements and protesting against the Vietnam War. Carried on smoking the stuff as it gained notoriety as an illegal substance associated with the criminal underworld and that was cool too. living on the edge so to speak. i always knew where to score some weed or L.S.D which was a special favourite of mine. I suspect that was because it aroused my creative visual senses. I never had any bad reactions to my drug taking and enjoyed the self indulgent pleasure I derived as a result. I'm sure those experiences helped mould my own artistic tangents. No regrets there.
Started to get uneasy when my friends and associates pushed the boundaries shooting up heroin and morphine. Never a fan of needles kept me from following them down their road of personal destruction not matter what the perceived enjoyments were.
I watched as Drug deals went wrong and murders were used to solve problems which resulted in big prison time being served. I decided it was time to disappear and get my life in order.
About 1976 an old friend was up for home parole from the then WiTako prison at Trentham where he was doing 5 years for being part of the notorious Mr Asia syndicate. His family lived at Titahi Bay and I volunteered to pick him up from the prison Saturday morning and deliver him home, then pick him up on Sunday night and deliver him back to the prison in time for role call.
That first morning as we drove away from the prison my friend pulled a joint out of his pocket and lit up. At his home he dug deep and produced a bag of smack, which he and his lady proceeded to shoot up. Asking the obvious, he replied, "they never search anybody coming out."
After forty years of the "war on drugs" whats changed?

Just a rant down memory lane.

Don W said...

Why would you give the politicians the credit of having enough intelligence and common sense to be able to workout the obvious consequences of banning a wanted product. They just don't live in the real world.

Redbaiter said...

See this from a different perspective.

Wagner's statement shows how soft socialist politicians are on law enforcement.

She's actually encouraging criminals to steal tobacco from dairies. Its the owner's fault you see, because he is selling it.

The same softness applies to drugs. The term "war on drugs" is a liberal myth. There is no war on drugs. Their use is tacitly encouraged by govts, popular culture and media, just as Wagner softly encourages criminals to steal tobacco in the subject article.

There are plenty of countries where there is no drug problem, and no "war on drugs". Drug use is a cultural thing, and the greatest pity is that western countries (think about that) are those most deeply infected by this contagious disease.

Just as they are infected with so many other afflictions that weaken, divide, and decay their culture.

I lived in small country towns in Texas for example. There's no drug culture. People just don't need it. In liberal enclaves ( is this a coincidence?) where civilisation has degenerated so badly, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit for example, it teems drugs.

I deplore adults who encourage drug use. Then they complain about their freedoms being under threat.

When if free America goes down, the existence of drug soaked left wing enclaves like the above examples will have greatly assisted in this outcome.

Too, any adult encouraging drug use should be forced to spend a couple of weeks working in the emergency ward of any public hospital. No rational person could be anything but appalled and dismayed at the destruction and degradation they will see. Especially among the young.

Adults who encourage drug use are not much better than child molesters, and also some of the greatest allies of those who would enslave us.

Jamie said...

"Adults who encourage drug use are not much better than child molesters" Redbaiter

You'd throw a loser and an alcohol and drug abuser in with the kiddie fiddlers....Do a hardworking bloke and throw him under the bus like that aye brah???

Now seeing as schools out for the weekend....

[Opening scene]

[Red on a big rant....]

[Lindsay with her feet up on her desk, classy as always; studying her graphs and papers, looks up, bored and un-amused...]

Red: She was living in a single room with three other individuals. One of them was a male and the other two, well the other two were females. God only knows what they were up to in there. And further more Lindsay, I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised to learn that all four of them habitually smoke marijuana cigarettes.

Jamie: Reefers....

Top of the morning to ya Lindsay:-)

Nice work Mr Walhberg, beautiful.

Well I don't know if I'm coming or going,
If it's there for me....

Oh, one thing's for certain,
Willie Nelson only smokes killer weed.

Anonymous said...

The Philippines seem to have a pretty damn effective war on drugs RB.

One they extended to leftists and journalists too.

Jamie said...


Red and Mr Anonymous tells me,
Oh how they would like to kill me.
Save your bullets tough guys,
My disease does that for free.

I wish you good luck Mr Anonymous in your recruitment drive to get the young-ins to enlist in The Great Patriotic Jihad On Killer Weed.....

.....You're gonna need it.

Post Script: Still patiently waiting for that Irish kneecapping some anonymous bloke implied he was gonna give me a while back. Wasn't you was it Mr Anonymous? Would be a real shame to get you and him mixed up:-)

Don W said...

People choose to take drugs , no one forces them to take them. We all have minds of our own and make our own life's choices. If you choose to be a druggy then you should except the consequences for your choices and not expect the rest of us to look after you when it all turns to crap. Whether we have a good life or a crap life is entirely up to us as individuals and no one else.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I agree Don.

Some people use drugs and/or alcohol and do not impinge on the freedom of others. They are none of my business.

Redbaiter said...

Not so.

If you do not recognise the cultural war raging in the West, and if you fail to fight in that cultural war, and if that cultural war is lost, you will also lose your freedom.

Nothing surer.

Anonymous said...

RB - Even in the US people haven't started to fight. Turkey, Philippines, perhaps Hungary. Russia if that counts as the west.

A widespread culture war like China's cultural revolution? Not happening.

Jamie said...

"A widespread culture war like China's cultural revolution? Not happening." Mr Anonymous

Don't go giving up on the Commie-revo-wet dream so easily bloke....

A bit of unsolicited advice. Keep it simple like Mr Pot and just kill all the ones with glasses.


P.S. Still patiently waiting for that kneecapping Mr Anonymous, probably die of old age the rate your going.


Jamie said...

Once upon a time in South Auckland....

'Well yo, right kick the bass for them brothers
And let 'em know what goes on
Rollin’ stone of this internet game not braggin’
Lips bigger than Jagger, not saggin’
Spell it backwards, I'm a leave it at that....'

Shout out to all them good hardnosed frontline coppers out there working the beats on them mean streets.


Jamie said...


It won't ever be the principals of individual liberty and freedom that get the green over the line. It'll be the forces of greed and self-interest that do that.

Y'all cow cookies [and my beloved-yet-broke-ass-nation] needs a new cash cow and there's no way The Ol' Bill would ever listen to the likes of me so what's say somebody was to get in a blokes ear before he was to do something silly like pass on a golden opportunity....

Come on, come on.

Jamie said...