Tuesday, May 09, 2017

A flat white each day?

Bracket creep amounts to the equivalent of "a flat white each day". This trivialises the fact that the government is taking more tax from individuals in the latest financial year than the previous.

David Seymour expresses it better when saying that New Zealanders have just lost another week's work to the government.

But the increase also tends to overshadow that you are working for the government until May 8. MAY 8. Not March or April. MAY.

Mainstream coverage in Wellington amounts to a small snippet in the business pages. No wonder National gives the issue of over-taxation no priority.


Barry said...

Thanks for this good post.

Mark Hubbard said...

And you should see the flack David got on Twitter from the Left (most of whom probably pay no net tax).

I'm so over the big state.

Anonymous said...

Let's see: 33% marginal tax rate, 1.5% ACC levy, that leaves you with 65.5%, rates (auckland, say 5%, compulsory car insurance, 60%, GST on all that takes it down to more like 40%.

Tax Freedom Day in NZ is in mid August.

Redbaiter said...

All part of the plan.

A plan that in spite of being well known, is apparently unstoppable in the West.