Friday, October 14, 2016

The brilliant van Beynen does it again

From Stuff:

OPINION: Guess what? Fixing child poverty in New Zealand is not that hard.

Let's call it the John Minto solution. First, every family with less than a certain income will be brought up to a minimum stipend based on what is required for the family to live comfortably in their location.



Mark Hubbard said...

His last four paragraphs are perfect.

Psycho Milt said...

Talk to any cop or social worker and you will hear that bad parenting is the main reason for delinquency and youth crime.

Well, duh. And it's just a complete coincidence that bad parenting is so strongly correlated with poverty and increases when poverty does, then?

Lindsay Mitchell said...

If substantiated child abuse is a marker for 'bad parenting' the correlation between that and benefit dependency (usually single parent) is considerably stronger than the correlation between that and poverty.

The point Collins was making is that poverty shouldn't be used as an excuse for bad parenting when the majority of income 'poor' parents do not abuse their children.

If society keeps repeating the message that poverty is to blame for bad parenting then we will never persuade bad parents to take responsibility for their behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Bad parenting is caused by welfare, which replaces parents by the state.

If parents choose not to love their children, there is nothing the government can do to replace that love. Nothing at all.