Friday, October 14, 2016

Hurunui ratepayers will be pleased

Briefly, I cannot believe this woman's attitude.

She has been newly-elected a Councillor and is demanding a subsidy for childcare so she can attend the weekly meetings.

Didn't she research what the role entailed before applying?

When I ran for parliament my children were very young. I took the serious and somewhat uncomfortable step of asking my parents if they would consider moving close to us before I undertook the decision to run. The children and I would need their support. In the event (thankfully in retrospect) the need didn't arise. The point is you make your own arrangements and fund them...unless of course you are an entitlist.

I am just glad she isn't in my electorate. That kind of hand-out solution to the first problem she encounters does not auger well for her ongoing performance.


Mark Wahlberg said...

Government subsidized child care is just another form of welfarism.

paul scott said...

Yes, I am interested that you look back, and see some futility [ or similar ] in the role of MP.
I think you do better where you are Lindsay. You have one of the influential blogs with a straight purpose.
Farrar tries to be everywhere but where it actually counts, like at the edge of race based democracy in this country.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Thank you Paul. I doubt I'd have had the 'mental toughness' to acclimatize in Parliament - the mental toughness that is required to compromise or even abandon your convictions.
I am happiest when I profess and own my thoughts. Notwithstanding that's an indulgence.

Anonymous said...

We really really need recall election mechanism to get back control of our democratic process. As it is, once elected these gravy train exponents can do what they like for 3 years on our tab.


Rick said...

My old and next electorate and where my family live, poor old Amberley! Taken over by the townie attitudes such as this newly elected ex-TVNZ/Mediaworks member, Julia McLean. I don't think it's her own greed per se but rather a social justice mentality or 'equitable society' ethic.

If I understand correctly, Julia wants the barriers to participate as a politician equalised so women of her age group, and mothers like herself are not deterred.

Of course, the scales are to be balanced by ratepayer subsidy as part of a government programme. I can't understand how she hundreds of votes, the most votes, but can't find 1 friend to mind her child on Thursdays! Her husband is working full time drawing pay, she's paid- the sum isn't enough to cover a sitter?

("After taking childcare costs out of her $19,000 salary, there would be little left, she said. ")

ie She's literally petitioning to be paid the double of any other counsellor on the grounds of being the mother of an infant.

An infant too young to be with someone other than their primary caregiver too in my understanding too but that's another issue...