Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Challenging the 'women as victims' narrative (updated)

Just watched the PM towing the PC line again on TV One News.

In support of my previous post here is further evidence that when it comes to psychological abuse women can dish it out too.

The data above comes from the NZ Crime and Safety Survey 2006. I am a little dubious about the inclusion of people who  said they  ‘don’t wish to answer’as positive though they are described as a"small" number.

Regarding frequency:

 Eighteen percent of men said one or two types of behaviour happened frequently or sometimes; 14 percent of women said the same. Six percent of men said that three or more behaviours happened frequently or sometimes; four percent of women said the same.

Post script

Acknowledging what the PM said yesterday according to today's NZ Herald. Good.
 "A good father, a good stepfather and a good man does not hit, intimidate or control his spouse, partner, ex-partner or her children. The same goes for women who are abusers."

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Redbaiter said...

You probably get sick of me banging on about Marxism, but it is so plain and so pervasive that it is behind so many political concerns in NZ it is astonishing.

Attacks on marriage and the family unit are a prime example, and the claimed crisis of violence against women is a prime example of a prime example.

I just despair that something so obvious as Critical Theory is apparently overlooked by most of the political players in NZ.

Unless an effective opposition is mounted against this strategy then the country is completely done.

And no such strategy is ever going to come from Key and his bunch of dicky licking unrealising pathetic and cowardly commies, caught like rabbits in headlights on the fast road to socialism's dead end.