Monday, September 12, 2016

Auckland Action Against Poverty

Housing New Zealand are evicting a woman who, "...admitted she had been selling up to 60 tinnies daily, with a value of $1200 a day."

"It is Housing New Zealand's job to house people; it is the courts' job to determine guilt or innocence and determine necessary punishment," says Auckland Action Against Poverty's Alastair Russell.

Auckland Action Against Poverty (Sue Bradford's group) needs to get its focus sorted. This woman is not 'in poverty' selling up to $1200 worth of tinnies a day

AAAP  should not be defending people who undermine the very system they claim is so crucial. They should be using the tenant as an example of why people in actual ' poverty'  are 'homeless'.

Obviously the whole welfare state lost its moral compass years ago aided and abetted by socialist advocates.


Don W said...

It seems that this woman has a lucrative but illegal business operation. Are the police going to prosecute her for her illegal activities.? Is the Inland Revenue Dept going to assess her tax liabilities as they do to the rest of us.? They need to.

Anonymous said...

I suspect this woman will have been a front for an organised group which took the proceeds of her dealing. I further suspect the lady will soon be described as a victim of organised crime which prayed on her vulnerability. Now that this address has been compromised, the "organised group" will move on to new premises and it will be business as usual.
Isn't that the way its done?


Jim Rose said...

No landlord wants their property be used for criminal purposes. Is not it a usually a term or implied term of the lease

Lindsay Mitchell said...

"By signing the tenancy agreement, you agree that you will not use the property for an unlawful purpose or let anyone else use it for unlawful purposes."

Anonymous said...

Auckland Action against Poverty -- so why are they campaigning for this woman who obviously has been earning a fortune?

Redbaiter said...

"Obviously the whole welfare state lost its moral compass years ago aided and abetted by socialist advocates."

Actually, not just socialists. Adults of all political persuasion who glorify drug use have a lot to account for in that particular matter.