Thursday, August 18, 2016

Traffic mortality rate three times higher for Maori

Very busy with other stuff right now but have just come across the 2016 Social Report which is full of interesting - but in this case disquieting - data.

I'll post some of the graphs over the next few days. No commentary from me (as per the report) but you are most welcome to comment.

Here's the first;


Anonymous said...

Younger average age? More drink and drugs? Less safe cars? It really would be good to know why.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I'm constantly ruminating over the concept of ethnic prioritizing.

If MOT is also doing it (and they don't have much choice because recording multiple ethnicities creates statistical nightmares) then every time anyone with Maori and/or Pacific and/or Pakeha (etc) ethnicity dies they will be recorded as Maori.