Thursday, August 18, 2016

How's that 'smoke free NZ by 2025' looking?

So much for crippling tobacco taxes. 


Mark.V said...

The question no one seems to have asked is suppose the Government is successful in making NZ smoke free by 2025, what will the Government tax to replace the one billion dollars the Government currently receives from tobacco excise tax and GST? Will it tax sugar, will we be paying $20 for a packet of biscuits, will the Police raid the homes of people baking their own cakes and biscuits?

paul scott said...

In one of the first big tax hikes on tobacco, and to his everlasting credit I remember Sir Roger Douglas, standing practically alone against the self righteous and precious tobacco taxes.
The Maori party were right in there with the stupid brutality taxes along with Nanny National and Labour.
I notice now that David Seymour is still against this vile tax on poorer people.

paul scott said...

Lindsay I forgot to say. Wait till you put up your graph @ Predator free NZ by 2050 .
Keep a big gap under the bottom line for that Nanny Nat slogan.

The Slippery Slope said...

Sadly, it's become a status symbol for some.