Saturday, December 05, 2015

NBR keeps Xero on the hook

The world of business is foreign to me. When I first read about Xero I had no idea what kind of animal it was and had to ask Google.

Long time supporter of Dave Henderson, Rodney Hide (with friends like that you can afford enemies) has been chronicling his own and Henderson's wife's investigation by the state by stint of running businesses and being related by friendship or marriage to Mr Henderson. It's appalling.

The managing director of Xero is not covering himself in glory. First Xero denied divulging Henderson's wife's business data to the Official Assignee, than admitted they had been directed not to inform the owner of the information.

Even those who cleave to the axiom nothing to hide, nothing to fear should be repulsed and angered by this ability of the state to commandeer private information.

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Rodney Hide said...

Thanks Lindsay. Hendo is easy to be a friend to. One of the troubling things of this experience is the readiness of New Zealanders and New Zealand companies to hand over private information simply when asked by someone in apparent authority.

It never occurred to me Xero would hand out financial records without a warrant. Certainly their policy is not to. Xero insists they have done nothing wrong but won't explain what they have done!


Redbaiter said...

Xero and the govt work together on many projects and are deeply entwined financially.