Sunday, November 29, 2015

Graph of the day

Many countries which fared far worse during the GFC would envy that household income line.

(Looking at the tables, the gap in income to housing costs ratios is growing between Auckland and the rest of the country, and largely driving up the steep rise in the bottom line. The difference in ratio in 2007, between Auckland and the rest of the North Island was only 1.4 points. Now it is 4.1 points -though the numbers are somewhat volatile.)

Source Household Economic Survey.


S. Beast said...

Salvation Army now calling for increased AS and for the subsidies to extend to council housing.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

The risks with extending or increasing subsidies have been researched and documented by MSD.

Anonymous said...

Abolish "Accommodation Supplement".
Sell off or demolish (best) Housing Corp en bloc.
Abolish "Jobseeker Allowance" and "National Party Superannuation" and the rest of the welfare boondoggle.

Gee: housing prices are now "affordable".

Actually, any centre-right or right-wing economist would agree that
a) Auckland house prices are cheap
b) People who can't afford nice houses don't afford them.

I was in a family of seven and grew up in a 100m2 state house. Once people reset their expectations we see the "Auckland Housing Crisis" for what it is: yet another liberal lamestream media beat-up.