Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Desperate to be victims

Several female opposition MPs declared that they are victims of sexual abuse, presumably to stake their credentials for a parliament walk-out today.

The day I declare myself a victim is the day I lose control of my life.

These are not "courageous" women. They are politicians doing what politicians do best - theatre.


Anonymous said...

I think it's worse than theatre.

What we're seeing is the complete failure of political opposition in NZ.

Politics is a rough and tumble game. Labour did the usual and badly misjudged an issue. They tried to set-up a name-calling cheap shot (ie "Gutless") to the PM. He retaliated. He deftly changed the debate from esoteric "OMG Human Rights" to very damaging (politically anyway) "Labour is soft on crime". This blunder may just sufficient to guarantee another three years in opposition for the Left after 2017.

It was very clear that during the debate on Tuesday this was very quickly turning out as bad for Labour as the "OMG Chinks buying our Auckland homes" gambit that failed so catastrophically a few months ago.

Robertson's "I'm deeply offended" was the only way those political imbeciles could think of minimising the terrible damage they were suffering.

When an Opposition is so weak that they have to run away from the debating chamber to minimise the damage there really is no hope. What we're seeing is the political equivalent of a Wall Street crash when the markets have to close early to avoid unsustainable losses.

Our democracy is incredibly weak at the moment and it is all down to the total intellectual corruption of the Left. We really need them to stop being so stuck in their insane time-warp.

We need Labour to return to, and scrap for the centre. We need the Greens to stop acting like a stealth Marxist party and embrace the true Green ideals that make Green Parties such a force in European politics. We are fast approaching a one-party state and it is all down to the total unpalatability of any of the opposition parties. If Enron were the "Smartest guys in the room" then Left are their total antithesis right now.

But yes - you are so right to call this appalling behaviour by these wimmin. It's shameful.

JC said...

I can feel a new statistic coming on.. "One of every two women MPs on the left side of the House have been sexually abused."

And a new quota for Labour List women.. "Sixty percent should have been sexually assaulted."

Seriously, did these people not listen to Key's very careful and precise definitions of detainees he was going in to bat for before they chucked the insults that prompted him to retaliate.

No responsible Govt could possibly apply a broad blanket approach to hundreds of men mostly with dodgy backgrounds or records and say we are going to fight equally for all of them to stay in Oz or for that matter we would treat them all the same if they came here in a bunch.


Jigsaw said...

Absolutely correct !

Andrew Berwick said...

We don't need Labour or the Greens at all. We need a centre-left party like ACT, and a centre party like the True Finns or the US Republicans...

and we need to announce Aussie can send back whomever they like, and we'll shoot on arrival whoever they send.

S. Beast said...

IMHO the term "victim" is used in this instance to describe a single moment in time in the past where a sexual assult/abuse occurred.

Let's remember these are MPs, none of whom appear to have lost control over their life. In this case it does not appear to be a character description.

The speaker of the house however did appear to *lose control* throwing a hissy fit more appropriate for a child or immature young adult by turning off the mikes of anyone correcting his previous statement that the house was not offended. Ugh.