Friday, November 13, 2015

Chris Trotter's feminist phonyism

Pompous prat Chris Trotter is parading his feminist solidarity by scolding Michelle Boag for not exhorting National women MPs to join the parliament walk-out earlier this week.

It's a feeble, non-factual play from the willfully ignorant Marxist.

Rather than pouring scorn on the women from the Opposition, Boag should have been upbraiding her sisters in the National Party for not having the courage to join the Opposition women’s protest. Then again, perhaps the National women were happy to go along with their party leader’s cynical exploitation of such emotionally-charged words as “rapist”, “murderer” and “child-molester” to distract the nation from their government’s failure to adequately defend the rights of New Zealanders detained in Australia’s concentration camps.
Perhaps, if New Zealand was blessed with a Women’s Minister who was happy to describe herself as a feminist, a mass walk-out of all women MPs might have been the result. Perhaps, if the last two Ministers for Social Development, both of them women, had been willing to educate their male colleagues about the endless, wearing, anxiety of being a woman without resources or influence, with two or three children to house, feed, educate and keep healthy on a Sole Parent Support benefit of $295.37 per week, there would have been no need.
This idiot arrogantly calls for "male" National MPs to be "educated", yet can't even educate himself.

The income he cites as causing "endless, wearing, anxiety" is under half of the actual average income a sole parent receives.

Not a sentence he writes is worth serious consideration when the substance behind them is so wanting.


Jigsaw said...

Trotter is becoming increasingly shrill as his ideal of a repeat of a socialist paradise New Zealand that never actually existed becomes increasing an illusion that is rapidly fading away. He writes columns that week by week contradict each other. He is truly deluded and why Stuff continue to publish his delusions is a mystery.

Mark Hubbard said...

The truly funny thing is that the identity politick 'in-crowd' on Twitter - Tiso, the idiot Megapope, the Borg woman - chide him behind his back as a misogynist. Tough crowd, the insane.

Anonymous said...

a Sole Parent Support benefit of $295.37 per week...

And perhaps, if NZ had had just one Minister who understood basic economics, that is --- who could add --- or was a respectable economist, let alone a libertarian, Sole Parent Support and every other benefit would be ZERO

JC said...

Actually, could someone remind me what Parliament on the 10th to 11th was about?

It seemed to start off with a debate on a bunch of castaways on Gilligans Island.. a bunch of slightly dopey but lovable blokes who had been cast adrift by some evil Australian mariners.

But after a few early sentences in which the word "rapists" was used it became some sort of personal Odyssey of lefty women into back seat fumbling in which it was explained that rapists could be quite nice people with good manners and good looks and part of the family and couldn't be reported because they were nice, handsome and family.. or something.

It finished with a group photo of women looking sad, but what about wasn't clear anymore.. perhaps it was about nice men stopping them from being Prime Minister or something.


Anonymous said...

Chris Trotter was always a good read until recently but in the last few months he seems to have lost the plot completely.
I think his posts are being hacked .

I can't understand how he can support Woman who attack John Key for standing against rapist s , murderers and paedophiles , yet seem so unconcerned with sexual assault they haven't ever bothered to bring their perpetrators to justice.
That seems to be taking sexual assault rather lightly.

There will be those who trot out the argument about how difficult it is for Woman to come forward and complain about these issues.
That is just bullshit.
The woman of Labour and the Greens are politicians who are supposedly Leaders of our country who should be able to walk in to a police station and make a complaint.

The fact they can't do this yet are able to stand up one after another in parliament and admit to be sexually assaulted , says a lot about their character or lack thereof.