Saturday, October 24, 2015

Where does it stop?

So much more to be said.... like, individualised savings accounts would bypass a lot of the wrangling collectivised health and social security throws up, particularly of late. Of course that would require an element of compulsion.

And that this micro-management of people's lives isn't really about saving money, at least not in the overall scheme of government expenditure. It's about saving people from themselves. It's the imposition of a prescriptive set of behaviours that the state defines as acceptable, and the suppression of those it does not.


Redbaiter said...

Most things would probably work OK if govt was left out of the equation. Our real problem is that too great a proportion of our population worships at the Church of Socialism. Until this particular religious zeal is curbed there are no real answers on the horizon.

Millenials produced by a decrepit, depraved and politically corrupt education system don't look to me like they're going to come up with any useful ideas either.

I'm becoming more convinced that total social and economic collapse is the only thing that will make people start thinking rationally again.

Unknown said...

Can you compare the cost of healthy people living longer with costs associated with smokers?
We assume it is a good thing if people live long and healthily. How it is all funded is another matter (Sweden links super to it's current economic performance?).

Officially we rejoice at every child born: "why should children suffer for the acts of their parents?" (but that's another story)?