Thursday, September 03, 2015

New paintings

Just updating my artist blog, another return to my favourite subject; historic black and white photos of Maori used to produce colourful portraits.

These two are part of a mini exhibition of Paintings from Historic Photographs hung in the foyer of Revera House, 48 Mulgrave St today. The building is multi-storied and the feedback from occupants as I hung the works was very warming.


Malcolm said...

Nice :-)

Gecko said...

I like these better than the last two. So well done!

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Thanks to both.

Gecko, I had to go back and see what the last two were. Palette knife and impressionist I think. Generally, with portraiture, because I make an emotional connection with the subject, a classical representation serves me best. Still lifes and landscapes are more about playing with light and colour. Glad you made me think about it:-)