Thursday, September 03, 2015

Ben Carson tied with Trump

Now I am started to get interested in the US presidential race. A report in this morning's DomPost says, "...this week a Monmouth University poll had [Ben Carson] tied in first place with Donald Trump." (And for balance here is a rejoinder describing Carson as a "Wingnut with a calm bedside manner").

This first I knew of Ben Carson was a lengthy interview conducted by Leighton Smith, who is perfect for that job given his knowledge of Carson.

There isn't enough 'live and let live' about Carson's personal philosophy for my taste but much of what he espouses nevertheless makes perfect sense. The man himself, the way he speaks and the way he comports himself are compelling, as is his life story. He is vehemently against socialism. That apparently makes him an 'extremist'.

When pushed by Leighton Smith on the subject of whether he would stand for president he was non-committal. But I found myself hoping that he would. And the impression he made on me is starting to multiply across the States.


Anonymous said...

You are between a rock and a hard place really. I think Carson's philosophy is the base for what he espouses. I think he is very much live and let live but that should not be confused with the "I do it so you better learn to like it or you will be punished" progressive approach that is now common in the west. Likewise I suspect he is no fan of public funding to do stupid things.

I like what I've heard of him but remain unsure if he should be a president. Religious people sometimes face conflicts that make such positions of authority, well, conflicting.

At least the frothing progressives will hate him with a passion so it will be entertaining to watch him dissect them.


Manolo said...

An honest and intelligent man with a good chance against Trump.