Wednesday, August 05, 2015

"The mindlessness of Donald Trump"

From, an entertaining read this morning,

The Mindlessness of Donald Trump—and What It Reveals About the GOP

The candidate's lack of a traditional political agenda is key to his anti-political appeal.

"...the Trump crowd has thoroughly tired of conventional politics and conventional politicians. The draw of Trump’s candidacy is that he is so very obviously not bound by these conventions—that he is not a conventional politician, nor even really a politician at all. He doesn’t have policy ideas or governing plans to speak of? So what? Those are for politicians. Trump’s politics are a kind of anti-politics, and his lack of a traditional political agenda only adds to his anti-political appeal.... most of Trump’s supporters, rather like Trump himself, have put very little effort into imagining a Trump presidency, except to idly fantasize about all the ways that it would be different and awesome and better. He would be an exciting, deal-making, ass-kicker who would strike fear into the hearts of America’s enemies, and he would do this simply by virtue of being Donald Trump, in all his glorious, exciting Trumpiness.
What Trump offers is a fantasy of governance without negotiation, of economic success without policy detail, of a president who does not particularly feel the need to act presidential. It’s a fantasy of politics without politics, for people who just don’t want to think about it too much."



The Veteran said...

interesting article .... Trump's the anti-politicians politician preferring rhetoric over reality .... reminds me of the late and not terribly lamented Joe Bjelki-Petersen whose standard response to any question was 'now don't you worry about that'.

He appeals to those whose view of the world is black and white and who prefer comforting one-liners as a substitute for real policy.

But of course and the same as Jeremy Corbyn, he is God to the true believer.

Redbaiter said...

Oh Gawd, Libertarians and their constant irritating quest for ideological perfection. Who the hell are they to lecture anyone on strategy? They've been around for decades with their Russia-focused views on liberty and have GOT NOWHERE.

Actually, if you search my blog you will see I'm no fan of Trump (I back Cruz) but I am not a strategic dumbarse like most Libertarians.

Why is it that women can talk about "breaking the glass ceiling" in business but fail to see that the same kind of strategy is needed in Western politics overall?

It doesn't matter too much what Trump's political views are as long as he stands against the political establishment. As long as he upsets the status quo.

His real value is as an agent of change. Let me say that again.


Once he breaks the grip of the Democratic/ Republican alliance then other things become much more possible.

Once that alliance is smashed, the choices for voters at the next election will be much wider. Maybe even the Russo-centric Libertarians will get a look in. This should not be seen from the limited perspective of being one event happening at the next US election. This is an event that if it runs its course will effect politics for a generation.

Trump's election would be a shortcut to the eventual election of a truly limited govt candidate.

On the other hand if you work to sabotage Trump's run, it means the establishment wins again, more of the same old same old status quo and the Libertarians, among other non-status quo groups, can therefore look forward to another fifty years in the political wilderness.

Jamie said...

Ahhh it's "The Veteran"

As if there is only one

Hey Red you should check that bloke's blog out sometime. It's a real class act.... unlike mine.


Trump was never my pick either [I'm more of a Rand Paul supporter myself]

But dam is he effective

And he's gotta be better than that muslim brotherhood member hussein Obama, or jeb bush, or Hillary 'gives weapons to ISIS' clinton

Redbaiter said...


The veteran is an enigma. He fought against Communism in Vietnam, and deserves credit for that, even though he was probably a conscript.

Now he does propaganda for the Communist cause. How could anyone get their head so incredibly confused?

Jigsaw said...

I am no fan of Trump and think he would make an awful president but then it's difficult to think of much worse than the current president. In two terms he has proved that mere vocal ability - or perhaps the ability to read a teleprompter is hardly any recommendation at all. In many ways he is even worse that Jimmy carter-at least Carter was sincere but I don't believe even after all these years that anyone knows just what the man is about. He will undoubtably go down in history as one of the worse presidents they have ever had and rightly so. If he had been Bush and done (or not done) half the things he has(or hasn't)he would have been castigated roundly by the media. America is weaker internally and externally because of him.
I think the support for Trump is largely in reaction to that and that the support will gradually disappear. The last thing we need is another Bush or a Clinton-let's hope that they can do much better this time around.

The Veteran said...

Red ... NZ did not send conscripts to Vietnam. All our troops were regular army. It was a privilege to command them. Clearly you have never served.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Jamie, I have forwarded your further comments to The Veteran.

Jamie said...

Ta. I would talk to him direct-like but he banned me from his site

Just so you know where to find me 'The Veteran'. Wouldn't want you getting lost and confused 'Sir'

Redbaiter said...

I should add that the danger is that Trump will not make it anyway as the media will do everything to pull him down and they have a large store of ammunition with which to accomplish it.

Whereas they do not have much on someone like Cruz, who is a much more authentic candidate.

So its in the media's interest to see Trump get the nomination, as they know they will have much greater ability to deny him the Presidency and deliver it to the chosen Hillary.

Its a strategic conundrum that boils down to Trump, if he gets the Republican nomination, being able to defeat a fiercely pro-Hillary media.

Whoever wins the Repub nomination will face the same problem. Trump's history makes him especially vulnerable. However at the moment, his increasing popularity suggests he may have the momentum to defeat the MSM.

oneblokesview said...

Just watched the 10 contenders on Fox.
What a boring bunch. No zing and fire.
At least Trump will capture the media for being media friendly.

Jamie said...

Here's some zing for ya bloke

Trump's got game