Sunday, August 02, 2015


This is why we have a mislead, resentment-fueled populace - or segment of. Lies.

From Paul Little in the HOS: we have long known the tax burden falls disproportionately on those of limited means, who are also likelier to be poor, as the gap between richest and poorest widens, partly due to measures such as the TPP.

Many poor and even middle income people effectively pay no tax.

and the gap between rich and poor is not widening


Mark Hubbard said...

Yes. The Paul Little piece online - assuming same as HOS - is a shocker. Whatever you think of the TPP his piece is titled on a lie, and built on fabrication.

I'm over the MSM and its Progressive lying toadies. It's appalling they get away with this.

Jigsaw said...

The left really doesn't want anything to challenge what they believe in so they will stick to this just as they stick to 97% of scientists believe we are doomed because of man-made global climate change-another lie. They love slogans and glib phrases-the Greens are masters of it-saves actually thinking about issues.

Anonymous said...

"As we have long known.....".

What a dick. Complete lies.

JC said...

They have invested a lot in the inequality thing especially since a working paper from the OECD said there was a problem. The paper has been debunked but they've tried the poverty thing, the climate change thing so they are stuck with it for the time being.

They had a solid win in getting the Kumar murder downgraded to manslaughter so we will be threatened with more of the same because inequality, poverty, neglect and an aggressive privileged shopkeeper attacked the true victims of the crime so that might be the way it goes.. a combination of talking points now given credence by the justice system.


Anonymous said...

In 2014 the Paperboy tax was introduced which changed things for low earners so I'd like to see a more recent table.