Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jetstar and Jury Service

The two are related inasmuch as pieces about them both me laugh out loud this morning.

The first is from the reliably hilarious Civilian:
A man who booked a flight with Jetstar is angry today after missing a flight because it departed at the time it was scheduled to.
JQ287, from Wellington to Christchurch, was scheduled to leave this morning at 8:15am, and did, in an unexpected turn of events that one passenger has described as “unacceptable.”

The second is the jury service experience  (or non-selection process at least) of a libertarian living in Brooklyn, US:

(In a moment both hilarious and disturbing, the orientation officer then tells us we are forbidden by law to talk about our jury experience on social media, and then he proceeds to read tweets from people in the room, including a guy who wrote something along the lines of "Ain't NO WAY I'm staying here until fucking 5 o'clock!!”)

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