Monday, May 11, 2015

Blog problem

New paintings but nowhere to put them!

My artist blog shows me as 'signed in' but doesn't appear on the dashboard, so I can't update. I've tried contacting Blogger to no avail. It was previously linked to a second e-mail address and would require a sign-out from this blog and sign-in to the art one but something has changed. If anyone has any ideas at all, they would be most welcome.

Just solved it. As often happens the act of writing or talking about a problem triggered a new idea. I had to add the other e-mail address and the one I had been trying was incorrect. Lesson learned - entrust nothing to memory.

These are two small oils painted from historic black and white photos. The first was titled only "1900s Haka" and the second is a WW2 Maori Battalion soldier and dog, Paddy. Both appealed to me emotionally but it's getting harder to paint very small detail (though I could stop being forgetful and put my glasses on).

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Gecko said...

They are beautiful Lindsay and so well painted! Even more impressive if you didn't have your glasses on :)