Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Maori trust police more than the media

Statistics NZ surveyed Maori adults and asked them to rate their level of trust in various institutions, '0' being 'not at all' and '10' being 'completely'.

What would have been really interesting is how these ratings compare with other ethnicities but that wasn't part of the exercise.

Anyway it is reassuring that Maori do have relatively high trust in the police. Many will deal with the police as victims.

As for trust in the media, I expect that would be representative across all adult New Zealanders.

Here's a thought. How would you rate those two institutions? We can run our own mini survey. I'll kick it off.

Media. Depends on which media and in what respect eg delivery of information or personal dealings. Generally I'd be around 4 but there are exceptions.

Police. My personal dealings with police have been good and bad. Brushes with authoritarian heavy-handedness and possible racism takes my rating down, but generally, compared to other countries I think we've got a fairly non-corrupt and responsive police force. So a 7.


Hamish said...

These all seem absurdly high. I probably trust myself less than a 7 :P

Paranormal said...

Media would be a 3 where we are talking MSM (TV, Radio, Print).

As for police they only rate a 5 to 6 in my book, but only because I think there is a level of incompetence at the higher levels that can sometimes filter down to the generally good types on the front line.

JC said...


The newsgroups and blogs have popularized an incredibly valuable concept that has been my touchstone for nearly two decades..

"Trust but verify", and the Internet has given me the tools to do the verification.

So newsgroups and blog posts will often make a statement *and* provide one or more links to back it up. That means even if I disagree with the statement and links I can have respect for a grounded POV and the ability to dig deeper if I wish.. much like a court room situation really.

Thus I can score these media about 8.

But with the legacy media I am asked to trust with only a rare opportunity to verify from provided links.

I'm also asked to trust a media whose reporters and journalists come from a narrow demographic that isn't mine and seems driven by similar training, objectives and politics that I often disagree with, so I give it a four.


My experiences have been pretty good, so I give it a 7. I'd go higher but there's enough credible evidence that show some people have got a raw deal from them.


Jamie said...

I question the guts and intelligence of the MSM. A lot of them seem like gutless bubble-heads interested more in a paycheck than finding the truth

As for the police. Two things really let them down for me -although for the first one the blame lies more with my fellow countrymen and women - y'all wanna get off your moral high-horses once in a while

NZ's drug laws really guts me. As a Returned Serviceman and taxpayer to be classed as a criminal because my poison of choice hasn't always been the state sponsored alcohol or tobbacoo I get categorized as a second class citizen in my own lands
-I know the police are just doing their job but it still cuts deep

The other part that really lets them down is their speed enforcement, it's a joke and straight revenue raising and really discredits them a lot in my book

That's my two cents for what it's worth

tranquil said...

Police: 8

MSM: 2

Selected blogs (including this one): 8

S. Beast said...

Police 8
MSM 2, and that's only because I find it entertaining to dissect their jejune commentary in a manner similar to the Trews. Go RustyRockets!

Anonymous said...

FOX news on Sky: 10
WhaleOil: 8
NZ FTA media: 0
NZ Communist media: -20

NZ Police generally: 0
NZ Police investigating Labour, Green, NZF: -20

Jigsaw said...

Anyone's view of the police is mostly determined by their personal dealings. Having owned a business which had a burglary and we had the licence plate and a description and yet the police did absolutely nothing has clouded mine. The media in this country would be lucky to get a 2/10 from me! Make that 1........