Monday, July 07, 2014

Over half on waiting list for housing in Auckland

MSD has started publishing a quarterly report on housing waiting lists.

- 57% are in the Auckland Super City

- Only 10% are in Christchurch and under 3% in Wellington

- Even with Wellington, Lower and Upper Hutt and Porirua added together, the waiting list share is still only 6% (Greater Wellington population is just over a third of Auckland Super City)

Again, the bulk of the housing problem is in Auckland. I am guessing that affordability in the private sector is prompting renters to apply for cheaper social housing.

On the positive side,  in March 2008 the HNZC waiting list stood at 9,935. Now the number is 5,840 and includes those waiting for other social housing. A good news story for National.

And good on MSD for making the information routinely available.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff!
This is very good news.

Labour can huff and puff as much as they like (about "social housing") but the figures prove that the Nats are *doing something about it", not just talking.

This should just about kill Labour's housing policy stone dead.

Angry Tory said...

The government doesn't need "housing policy".

The government should just cancel the urban limit, and restrict the council's business to organising private tenders to collect the rubbish every five years.

S. Beast said...

I heard that you can only get on the waiting list now if you are essentially homeless.

If this is the case it has sharply worsened over the last four years as previously HNZ could place you on a waiting list as long as your housing could be considered *unsuitable*.

Subsidies are rampant for housing via Kiwisaver, Accommodation Supplement and to some extent TAS, and then the social housing subsidies to boot. The government is doing what they do best which is passing massive amounts of money between citizens.