Monday, November 18, 2013

More evidence of police intransigence

Notice that the victim of violence in this case, run over repeatedly by his partner, is a man.

 Waikato police district on-call manager Acting Detective Inspector Ross McKay confirmed the man, who is in Waikato Hospital with serious injuries, and the woman were in a relationship. ''Sadly, just seven days out from White Ribbon Week, today's incident also highlights the dangers associated with domestic violence and police urge anyone who feels unsafe in their home situation to seek help,'' he said.
Doesn't the Inspector understand that the White Ribbon campaign is specifically about domestic violence perpetrated by men?

 White Ribbon is an international movement that condemns men’s violence towards women.
Dear me. Is this another indicator that the police have the 'wrong' attitude? That by dragging White Ribbon Week into this they have disrespected the holy grail of female victimhood?


reed said...

I've been thinking about white ribbon week and thought I'd look up the victim statistics but I can't find those particular stats. I know you are an expert at this - any chance you could find them for me? Please :-)

Lindsay Mitchell said...

There are different statistical sources measuring different things; reports of abuse, convictions, injuries from, deaths from etc. CYF, Police, Courts, and Hospitals all record victim statistics. There are also vicitmisation surveys and data kept by the Women's refuge.

Here's family violence deaths: