Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bribery for breastfeeding?

This story was sent to me by a reader:

New mothers are to be offered up to £200 in shopping vouchers to encourage them to breastfeed their babies.
The pilot scheme is being targeted at deprived areas of South Yorkshire and Derbyshire and funded through a collaboration between government and the medical research sector.

If successful, a nationwide pilot could be rolled out in England next year...The team behind the project said breastfeeding was a cause of health inequalities, pointing to research that showed it helped prevent health problems such as upset stomachs and chest infections as well as leading to better educational attainment.

Hold on a minute. Why aren't leftists creating a hue and cry about  bottle fed babies being further deprived by this 'discrimination'?

Can righting health inequalities justify creating financial inequalities?

And really, what (able to) mother needs vouchers to persuade her to breastfeed her child?

Is  bribery the new cultural currency? It started far more subtly (and happily not widely recognised as such) with social security decades ago. Today welfare has morphed into 'show me the money' for no more than fulfilling natural functions.

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